Before We Arrive

Thanks again for selecting JoeCleans to clean your surroundings - you’ll feel refreshed! Below are some tips on what to expect and how to prepare for our visit.

We will arrive in a well marked van with the JoeCleans logo on it. The senior technician will either be Joe or Tommy.

Prior to Carpet Cleaning...

Kindly tidy up the areas, removing magazine racks, plant stands, dining room chairs, items from end tables etc., whatever you can. We will move the larger furniture for you, no need to have a sofa clogging up your kitchen for the event. (We don’t move grandfather clocks, pianos, electronics, triple dressers etc.) We will leave tabs or blocks under the legs of pieces we move so that moisture won’t damage your furnishings or furniture stain transfers to carpets. The carpets will remain damp for a few short hours after completion and , although it is okay to walk on them right away with clean house shoes or slippers (no muddy boots after gardening), there is a slip hazard when walking OFF the carpet onto a hard surface floor. Travel cautiously and flat footed and all should be well (no running!). We recommend using overhead paddle fans or household fans which we are happy to set up for you to expedite drying. Resume vacuuming and full activities the following day. Enjoy!

Prior to Furniture Cleaning...

Kindly tidy up the surrounding areas, removing items off side tables or coffee tables where applicable. We use drop cloths when the floor beneath is not concurrently being cleaned. We typically stack loose cushions teepee style to maximize airflow and expedite drying. We recommend using overhead paddle fans or household fans which we are happy to set up for you to expedite drying. Most fabrics are dry within minutes, and you may return the pillows to watch a Red Sox v Yankees game, Patriots game or Dancing with the Stars , yet we recommend leaving them teepeed overnight for ideal drying.

Prior to Tile & Grout Cleaning...

Kindly tidy up the areas, remove small furniture, dining room chairs, items from pieces you wish for us to move, whatever you can. Remember to empty closet floors which may be tiled as well. We will apply a cleaner to the flooring, manually scrub as needed, then use a high pressure wash inside a vacuum bell to extract all the loosened soil. The tile floors are dried upon completion and normal activities can be resumed immediately.

We trust you will totally enjoy your service experience with us. In the unlikely event we’ve not explained something to your satisfaction or you have any remaining concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. We further ask that you tell your friends about us through social media reviews or good old-fashioned face to face conversation when possible.  Thank you again for placing your trust in JoeCleans.