Curtain, Drape & Tapestry Cleaning

Curtain, drape, and tapestry cleaning can be the breath of fresh air your home is looking for.

You may think that because they don't get as much use, or experience as much wear and tear as other fabrics in your home, they may not be in need of a clean. However, the reality is quite the contrary. Because these fabrics often remain quite stagnant in your home, they tend to accumulate contaminants like dust and cooking vapors in no time.

All curtain and drapery cleaning is done in-home - always - to preserve your privacy.  curtain drape tapestryThere is no need for you to be living in a fishbowl! When we come to your home to clean your curtains, drapes, or tapestries, we will first assess the fabrics you'd like to have cleaned. At this time, we absolutely welcome you to let us know of any areas of concern.

We begin the cleaning process by first vacuuming, then following with a fine mist of cleaning solution on the fabrics to flush out any remaining particulates. When finished, we reset drapes or curtains to their original arrangements. Fabrics may be a touch damp for a matter of minutes, but otherwise, once we are complete, the fabrics are good to go, cleaned and refreshed.

Generally, the cost of cleaning depends on the size and how many curtains, drapes, or tapestries we will be cleaning for you.  We will always confirm pricing with you prior to starting work.  Feel free to give us a call for a no-obligation, ballpark price quote.  To become more familiar with our drapery and tapestry cleaning process, check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

For more info, or to schedule, Call  877 HIRE-JOE, or click here to schedule online.

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