Pet Stain/Odor Removal

The dreaded pet stain. It's not their fault stuff gets dirty...

You just got too caught up with something on the stove and forgot to take the dog out, or your cat got sick and had an accident on the living room couch.  These are scenarios most of us pet owners are accustomed to, but we don't have to become accustomed to the unsightly and unhealthy stains and odors left behind. We all love our pets, but we don't love their mess.

Store-bought detergents and deodorizers may temporarily do the trick, however they do not clean as in-depth as our solutions do.  Even if it seems as if you've removed all of the contaminant, there is often still a faint stain and residual acid from your pet's digestive system that will gradually eat away at your carpet fibers.  We know it gets worse, too. Pets tend to return to the same spot time after time when it's "time to go" as they can identify their scent in these areas. As long as our solution gets in direct contact with the source of odor or soil on your carpet or fabric, both will disappear entirely and essentially wipe the area clean of your pet's scent, too. The material will be totally restored and sanitized.

All of our solutions are healthy and eco-friendly, keeping your carpets safe for our friends close to the ground.

Generally, the cost of cleaning depends on how large or small of an area is being dealt with.  We will always confirm pricing with you prior to starting work.  Feel free to give us a call for a no-obligation, ballpark price quote.  To become more familiar with our pet concern cleaning process, check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

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