Scotchgard Benefits

c24f989e40463872009b601d5b4796deScotchgard Protector is a stain and liquid repellent designed to protect the fabrics that are important to you - without compromising their look and feel.   The solution is a very popular option used to protect and preserve the cleanliness of the fabrics within homes, such as carpets, furniture, drapes, curtains, and more.  Take a moment to check out some Scotchgard benefits of application below.

Scotchgard Benefit #1 - Easier cleanup

One of Scotchgard's greatest features is its ability to help both oil and water spills blot up before turning into stains, making it easier for you to dab up any spillage with minimum effect to the fabric.  In addition, the solution helps carpet and furniture fibers resist  soiling, so you'll be removing more particulates out of your fabrics with each vacuuming session.

Here's a demonstration we conducted in the office.


Scotchgard Benefit #2 - Fabrics in Peak Appearance

Because this ultra-thin, translucent stain-blocking solution is designed to experience wear and tear, your fabrics will always be in peak appearance.  No need to tiptoe on your carpets or avoid sitting on your couch – the protective layer won’t begin to wear out until the recommended reapplication, which is in about a year, along with professional cleanings.  As long as you are practicing quick and proper spot cleaning, your belongings are sure to stay looking beautiful.

Scotchgard Benefit #3 - Protects your investment

It's widely said that your home is an investment - but so is everything inside of it, too.  You've spent hard earned money on the carpets, rugs, furniture and curtains in your home, and should continue to preserve them as so.  Scotchgard will keep your fabrics looking newer for longer by repelling the contaminates that diminish their vibrancy.  The solution helps suspend particulates and resists re-soiling, thus extending the life of the material.  In addition,  it's also important to note that application of the solution protects your fabrics from water, humidity, and the associated bacteria and mold.

Scotchgard Benefit #4 - You can DIY or call us

It's very easy to apply Scotchgard  onto your furniture - simply spray the solution onto the fabric from about 6 inches away.  The product's website recommends two thin coats as opposed to one heavy one.  The fabric will be completely dry in about 8-12 hours.  Be sure you are purchasing the solution designed for furniture, as it is very different than the one designed for other materials (due to the movement your furniture's fabric fibers experience).   Do not use Scotchgard's furniture solution on your carpets.

If you are looking to have the solution applied to your carpets, you may find that it is difficult, as an average homeowner, to get your hands on the carpet protector in large enough quantities to get the job done.  Let us know if you're looking for comprehensive Scotchgard coverage on your carpets, or would like it applied to furniture (brand new or not), or any other fabrics within your home.  We will be glad to apply the product for you at a very affordable rate.

All in all - Scotchgard brings about an easier and longer-lasting clean that ultimately saves you both time and money.

For any additional questions, visit, or please feel free to give us a call at 877.HIRE.JOE.

Fine print: It is important to keep in mind that although it works wonders, Scotchgard isn't bulletproof and can't guarantee the repelling of every stain.