6 Best Indoor Plants to Purify Air

While design trends come and go, house plants are one indoor decoration that won't go out of style.  While adding some life - literally - into a room, a great indoor plant can also benefit a home's inhabitants by purifying the air they breathe.  We've compiled a list of 6 of the best house plants you can choose - ones that add a decorative touch, all the while improving a home's environment.

Aloe Vera

Image result for aloe vera pottedPlacing an Aloe plant in your home will benefit you in more ways than one.  While the plant purifies the air, the gel between the plant's leaves serves as an excellent healing substance.  Aloe grows best in lots of sunlight, so the windowsill in your kitchen is a perfect placement for it, and puts it in close proximity if you accidentally touch the stove and find yourself with a burn.  In this case, simply tear off and split open a leaf and rub the gel on the effected area.  Don't worry, the leaf will close up and continue to grow where severed.

Peace Lily

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Although small, Peace Lillies perform fantastically as air purifiers.  Better yet, while detoxing the air behind the scenes, Peace Lillies emit a delightful aroma to any room they're in while they are in bloom during the summer months.  Keep these low-maintenance plants in moist soil and in shady areas of your home.

 Snake Plant

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Another low-maintenance plant on the list, Snake Plants, don't need much as far as light or water.  Placing this plant as an accent in a corner of your home is a great option, as they can grow to decent sizes and can take up some "empty space".  Snake Plants are tough to kill, and make an excellent choice for those just beginning to take on tending to plants.


Bamboo Palm

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Bamboo Palms thrive in indirect sunlight and need decent watering, but keeping this plant alive in your home will benefit you in more ways than aesthetically.  The Bamboo Palm received an amazing 8.4 purifying rating from NASA,  meaning it does a great job at clearing out not only carbon dioxide, but benzene and trichloroethylene as well.

Spider Plant

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The Spider Plant is one of the most common household pants, and not surprisingly so, as it is another perfect candidate for a first-time plant owner.  This plant, named for its long, erratically-growing leaves, shares NASA's "Best Plants for Cleaner Air Indoors" list with the Bamboo Palm.  These decorative plants call for bright areas of a home and for soil to reach total dryness between waterings.


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Let your creative juices flow if you're choosing a Daracena! This plant has over 40 variations, so take advantage of this factor when using this plant as a decorative element.  While this plant can do wonders for your air purity, beware the fact that it is toxic to cats and dogs and may do more harm than good if you're an animal lover.