6 Best Indoor Plants to Purify Air

While design trends come and go, house plants are one indoor decoration that won't go out of style.  While adding some life - literally - into a room, a great indoor plant can also benefit a home's inhabitants by purifying the air they breathe.  We've compiled a list of 6 of the best house plants…
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How to Protect Hardwood Floor During the Winter

It's no secret that a hardwood floor in a home is an attractive option when it comes to floor covering.  Aesthetically pleasing and durable, it's more common than not to see homes with hardwood floors.  Although very popular, many people aren't aware of the proper practices and insider tips to ensure that their beautiful hardwood…
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How to Create a Preventative Building Maintenance Plan

The creation and implementation of a building maintenance plan, especially one that focuses on preventative maintenance, is one of the most important tasks in ensuring smooth operations of any public or commercial facility.  Below, you can find a snapshot of the major areas you should pay attention to when creating your building maintenance plan.  Adherence…
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The Truth about Winter Carpet Cleaning

History tells us wintertime is the "slow season" in the carpet cleaning industry.  As soon as temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, homeowner's minds are elsewhere.  Their focus shifts to scheduling snow removal, purchasing ice melt, and staying warm. Winter months don't have to mean that homeowners will be better off postponing their carpet…
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