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How to Create a Preventative Building Maintenance Plan

The creation and implementation of a building maintenance plan, especially one that focuses on preventative maintenance, is one of the most important tasks in ensuring smooth operations of any public or commercial facility.  Below, you can find a snapshot of the major areas you should pay attention to when creating your building maintenance plan.  Adherence…
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Real Estate Agents: Carpet Cleaners Can Be Your Best Ally

In today's market, it can be more than difficult for real estate agents to make a sale. For that reason, real estate agents need to be sure that their homes are in the best condition possible when showing them. It's often common for agents to spruce up a home's curb appeal or set up some…
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Office Cleaning: The Comprehensive Guide

With the daily hustle and bustle of today's world, it may sometimes be difficult to keep office cleaning and tidiness on track.  Without a doubt, a clean office space provides many benefits to employees and clients alike.  These benefits include, but are not limited to: a focused mindset, improved health (less sneezing or congestion), and…
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The 5 Rules of Office Kitchen Etiquette

Many things contribute to company culture, but one of the most overlooked of them all is proper office kitchen cleaning etiquette.  Adherence to a good set of rules by all employees will set a positive tone within the office.  A clean office space (including the kitchen) is conducive to a great work environment - something…
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