Community Service

Community involvement is something that we at JoeCleans hold very near and dear to our hearts.  We truly care about our clients, and as a result, make it a priority to support the organizations and initiatives that give back and positively contribute to, not only the support of, but also the growth of these communities.

One of our favorite causes is our own.  Every year, JoeCleans holds an Earth Day Cleanup.  Our friends and family gather by our sides as we hit the roads to beautify our clients' neighborhoods.  As we mentioned, we are people who love to clean!  Taking our talents to a larger scale for the greater good is something that we have the utmost pride in.  Click here to read about our 2016 Earth Day Cleanup!


We're proud to be involved with...

Green products. Our cleaning experts always use the most environmentally friendly products available. As you may be able to tell, the preservation of our planet is one of the most important principles of our practices.

Earth Day Cleanup Each year, the JoeCleans team and our friends and families take to the roadsides and pick up litter. Over the years, the Earth Day Cleanup has become a deep-rooted tradition within our company culture.