About Us

A few words about us

We are people who love what we do.

At JoeCleans, we are people who find true pride and accomplishment in providing our clients with a pristine home or office space.  From the moment you contact us, our number one goal is your complete satisfaction.   To achieve this goal,  we hire like-minded people and weed out dissimilar ones quickly.  There are jobs for them but not with us.  These team members are trained to the highest standard and adhere to their values of courtesy and respect, as you deserve, for allowing us into your space.   We are punctual, trustworthy, honest, and operate with the utmost attention to detail.  We consider it an honor to work for you.  Thank you for choosing us.

In order to write the “About Us” page, I must stretch outside my comfort zone. I prefer to have my reliability and work speak for itself rather than toot my own horn. Largely the entire team Robin and I have developed, feel and perform similarly. We are servers.

Company History

I cleaned my first carpet in December of 1977 on a job interview.  I responded to a classified ad and arranged an interview.  Upon arriving at the location, the manager apologized and told me the interview had to be rescheduled as he was unexpectedly needed to go to a jobsite.  I asked if I could join him, and away we went – what better way to find out what a job is really about! Nearly 40 years later, I have cleaned tens of thousands of carpets in over 12 states, and without any doubt, the best part is the people we serve. I count myself blessed to have worked for and with some of the most pleasant and wonderful people.  Our customers are amazing.

Since January 1978 I have been continuously employed in the cleaning industry. Being single at that time, I transferred from city to city along the eastern seaboard and was quickly promoted to shop manager with a growing company. Robin and I were married in 1979 and we continued to transfer and travel for the next two years. As a young couple, we enjoyed discovering new places and moving often but in the winter of 1981 we yearned to get back to our roots and family in New England and with encouragement from others we decided to start our own business.

The first year was quite lean. We lived with family for the first six months, then got our own apartment locally and our first child on the same day! Winters in New England are historically slow in the cleaning business but we survived and with the spring of 1982 we were off and running and haven’t looked back much. I recall now having leased a brand new van full equipped with truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment which was such a novel idea back then (which I had leased at 22% interest! – oh, the 80’s). I would drive from business to business demonstrating this state-of-the-art equipment and developed a following of loyal customers which has grown into thousands today.

I am a student in the cleaning industry as well as a teacher. Myself and our team regularly attend seminars to stay current on industry matters such as the evolution of carpet fibers and cleaning solutions. I have served as a board member of a national cleaning association. Some of our business practices and marketing materials have been nationally recognized and referred to by other instructors. Our JoeCleans logo has won accolades and even a national contest in which one of our suppliers created a logo-ed product for us.

Today we approach nearly two dozen on our team including part-time workers but the fundamentals remain unchanged from our humble beginnings… work hard, serve cheerfully and we are rewarded accordingly.

Many of our customers have grown to know us personally over the years.  We are in their homes and businesses regularly and they have watched Robin and I, and our family, grow before their very eyes. Just today I was catching up with a customer.  She knew my children and asked about them by name.  I inquired of her children and two of her grandchildren by name as well.  I find this process quite ordinary and natural.  I’m a bit more challenged to provide a bio for the site – without the direct contact, it seems a bit impersonal about… well, personal stuff.

About Joe and Robin

Robin and I are high school sweethearts from different high schools.  She grew up in an outdoorsy family and img_20120629_114703would spend the majority of her childhood weekends camping, hiking, and fishing, which she still enjoys to this day.  My idea of “roughing it” is a hotel without room service. We are blessed with three wonderful children who are grown and still live locally.

We have international interests which began by hosting exchange students, au pairs, and summer guests from Norway, Sweden, France, Italy, and England over the years. This has also developed an interest in travel. Robin has been to India three times doing short-term medical missionary work, which in part, inspired her to become a licensed EMT. We have both also visited missionaries in Africa in 2008 and 2010. It is a humbling situation to set out to serve and feel like you gain more than you give.  We welcome an opportunity to go back. We both like traveling in general, and I enjoy searching the web for great deals like traveling to Paris (off season) for $1200 for airfare and renting an apartment in a wonderful arondissment for 6 days for our 25th anniversary (does that make me a cheap romantic?).

Robin enjoys cooking, especially trying out different ethnic foods and cooking in our fireplace. We both enjoy eating and, although not too often, eating out (especially at chef-owned establishments. Follow our blogs.) Robin likes the outdoors including feeding and watching the birds and keeping bees.  She also likes the theater and going to plays.

When I’m not working, I enjoy a round of golf, a game of billiards or gamejoe-solly of chess with my sons, family outings and BBQ’s. I also enjoy crafts, especially working with leather or heavy canvas – creating usable, practical items such as a ditty bag for a friend’s electronics for his sailboat. Being aboard a sailboat (especially with family and friends- but even solo) probably tops my list of relaxing things to do.

That's a brief summary of us personally, but what we most enjoy is people. In work or social settings, local or in a faraway land, getting to know and learning about others is fascinating and spiritually rewarding. Life is truly wonderful when surrounded by others. Until we next meet, may God bless you and yours.

Ciao and God bless, Joe

Why JoeCleans?

  • 1.We don't just promise, we deliver. It's easy to make a promise on paper.  What makes us stand out from our competitors is our consistent track record of  following through with promises of service.  Our clients agree, too.  Check out our testimonial page to hear what they're saying.
  • 2.Our business was built by referrals.  When you have a delicious meal at a restaurant or see a great new movie, you just can't wait to tell your friends so that they can experience it, too.  That's exactly how our clients feel about us once we are finished cleaning for them.  The vast majority of our client base has come to be via referrals from other clients.  We guarantee you will be so satisfied with our work that you will not only want to recommend us to your friends and family, but will want to call us back for your future cleaning needs as well.  Can't wait to tell someone? Please feel free to leave a review!
  • 3. Active Ownership. JoeCleans has been actively owned and operated by Joe Marinelli and his wife, Robin, since 1981.  They are always in the thick of the business - scheduling appointments, meeting clients, and going out on jobs.  Set it and forget it? Not Joe and Robin.  The pair are so passionate about cleaning - and cleaning well - they are involved in every aspect of the business.  Always.  Click here to learn more about Joe and Robin!
  • 4.  We're local.  We pride ourselves in being known as Northeastern Connecticut and Central Massachusetts' go-to, local cleaning company.  To the big corporations, clients are just a name and assignment number.  We value and relate to each and every one of our clients because we are just like you.  We shop at the same supermarkets, eat at the same restaurants, and love the feeling of fresh & clean.