Earth Day Cleanup 2016

Our team recently celebrated Earth Day 2016 in what is becoming an anticipated annual event at JoeCleans. Its low tech. high touch, and is very rewarding to all who participate.

Every week we are in people’s homes and business cleaning using green solutions, cutting edge equipment and good old fashion elbow grease to provide our customers a special relief and relaxation that only an all-around clean can provide. On Saturday April 23rd past, we put aside pH, fiber identifications and all the important details of professional cleaning and simply picked up roadside litter. This is as low-tech as it gets – donning fluorescent vests, gloves and filling trash can liners while walking and beautifying roadsides.

It is a wonderful time when our cleaning team, family and friends enjoy time together and doing some simple good. Too often we all get too busy just “doing” life and miss out on precious together time. Our litter patrol gives us time together in the great outdoors. This year, seventeen of us collected 51 bags of trash, tires and dumped electronics along about seven miles of roadsides in central MA and NE CT.

While it may not be noticed by most, it matters little, as the rewards are great. The roadsides are clean and subsequent walks or drives are more enjoyable for all. Afterwards we enjoyed a picnic lunch and pleasant fellowship – slow time. What a treat!

Care to join us? Contact us and we’ll invite you to join us next year around Earth Day. Clean is a state of being. It’s a reflection of who we are and of how we take care of ourselves (and planet Earth). Doesn’t it just soothe the soul?