Furniture and Leather Cleaning

We invest in furniture for two reasons: for looks or for comfort - and often both.

Whatever the reason, a professional clean will undoubtedly benefit the furniture.

The big, comfy couch in your living room has most likely become a staple in your family after enduring many late-night movie marathons and mid-afternoon naps with your pet. As a result, it has probably experienced its fair share of spills, crumbs, and accumulations of odors and other contaminants, too. The rejuvenation of your furniture will add a new level of comfort that you didn't even know you were missing.

Furniture for show can often benefit from a cleaning, too. Although these pieces don't normally experience as much wear and tear as the staple living room couch, the accumulation of dust an allergens may become a problem in some homes.

Close-up of an antique leather retro chair

Although most furniture is made of fabric, the cleaning process we employ for your furniture differs from that of our standard carpet cleaning practices. We will of course always begin with assessing the furniture and cleanability of the fabric, and will ask you of any particular concerns.  Then, based on our findings, we will target the furniture with a specific cleaning regimen that will best serve its needs.  The next step towards breathing new life into your furniture is a thorough vacuuming.  We then apply a pre-cleaning solution with deodorizing agents where necessary - usually in any problem areas - and brush it into the fibers of the fabric. Afterwards, we give the furniture a thorough rinsing so the fabric is left soft and supple.

Please feel free to inquire about microfiber and leather cleaning as well. When it comes to leather care, and use the best quality leather cleaners, moisturizers, and protectors.

Generally, the cost of cleaning depends on how many pieces of furniture are being dealt with.  We will always confirm pricing with you prior to starting work.  Feel free to give us a call for a no-obligation, ballpark price quote.  To become more familiar with our upholstery cleaning process, check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

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