I’ll pass on the directions, thank you…

I was scheduling a cleaning service visit with a new client yesterday, an elderly gent, who started giving me directions to his home. It got me to thinking about how much times have changed and continue to change.

One common task listed on every janitorial agreement today was never included when we started in the cleaning business – empty the recyclable items. There was no recycling back in the day. How about emptying and cleaning ashtrays in the lobbies and at workers’ desks? Use to be an everyday item… now, it is preferred that workers do not smoke while within the county.

I was reminiscing recently about an incident which arose from Robin and my limited vocabulary and taking directions from clients, back in the day, to get to their houses. I recall it was a crisp, sunny morning and I was trying to locate a customer’s house in a rural farm area off Windy Road. I drove to the end and back of the road but had no success. Unlike today, there was no cellphone back-up plan and to avoid having to drive back into town to look for a payphone to call Robin in the office or our eager client directly, I chose to drive to the end and back twice more. No luck. It all got resolved in the end when it was realized that there was no Windy Road. Part of the directions related to a “winding” road not a “windy” road. (If I had only paid more attention to Beatles lyrics.)

Today there are almost no directions needed… “just give me the street address for the GPS.” We’ll get there – no worries.

Ciao and God bless, joe