The Comprehensive Laminate Floor Cleaning Guide

Laminate flooring is an attractive option these days, as it is a very affordable alternative to hardwood floors.  Questions are often raised in regards to the correct methods of cleaning laminate flooring, however despite all the talk, the process is quite simple.  Take note of our directions below to keep your laminate floors in great condition!

First and foremost, a few tips: as with all surfaces in your home, regular cleaning is key.  Be sure to sweep or vacuum your laminate floor at least once weekly.  When sweeping or vacuuming, do so in the direction that the flooring panels have been laid.  By doing this, you will be able to collect and remove all of the soil between the grooves of the laminate instead of trapping it there.

In addition, if a spill does take place, clean it up immediately.  If you allow time for moisture to seep in between your flooring, it can warp the laminate over time.  Once your core-board soaks up liquid and becomes warped, the only remedy would be replacement, so avoid this situation as best as possible.

Follow our steps below to ensure you've sufficiently cleaned your laminate floors in the best way:

  • As stated above, always make sure to dry mop, sweep, or vacuum the floor (often).  This should always be your beginning step.
  • Dampen a microfiber cleaning pad with warm water and the cleaning solution of your choice.  Always dampen the cloth you will be using to clean as opposed to dampening the floor.  You do not want to give the liquid time to seep into the flooring as you are cleaning another area.  Using a microfiber cloth is important as string mops and sponge mops have the tendency to leave streaks on your floor, and also carry a lot of water that you don't want soaking into your core-board.
  • Clean your floor with the lightly dampened mop.  Again - make sure this is done in the direction the laminate is laid.
  • Naturally, as you use your microfiber cloth to clean, it will become increasingly soiled.  To remedy this, simply rinse out and replace the cloth.  Once you have completely finished, throw the cloth in the washing machine so it is completely fresh for your next clean.

A few more important things to keep in mind:  Of course, laminate flooring is not wood, so refrain from using any cleaning products geared toward wood - anything with wax, polish, oils, soaps, varnish, or chemicals that promote shine.
If you follow this regimen often, you will be taking the most effective steps toward protecting your investment.