Area Rug Cleaning for Business

We understand how much of an investment an area rug can be.

Your area rugs can either be cleaned in your home, or we will pick them up (for free!) and clean them in-plant - both are great solutions to protect your investment.

When cleaning area rugs inside of your home, the process is very similar to what takes place when we perform wall-to-wall carpet cleanings.  After moving any necessary furniture for you, we will take a look at the rugs in question and note any special areas of concern in order to determine the unique cleaning regimen that will best suit your rug's needs.   We will use our powerful, truck-mounted equipment to clean the rugs using Very Low Moisture (VLM) techniques.  The rugs should be dry within three hours after the clean has been completed, in most conditions.

The process of hand-cleaning your area rugs in-plant includes the same processes as if we cleaned them at your location.  However, there are a few advantages: we offer free second cleanings if there are any areas that would benefit from it, and we also have the ability to deal with specific challenges that are more difficult, if not impossible, to deal with in the field.   When your area rug has been cleaned and dried, we will roll, wrap, and return it to your home.  If you are moving or planning on having the rug in storage for a period of time, we will gladly double wrap your rug as well for no extra charge.  Turnaround time for having your carpets cleaned in-plant is, on average, 7-10 days.

Both options use a gentle approach to preserve your rug's fibers and colors, yet thoroughly clean them at the same time. We are entirely invested in the preservation and/or restoration of your area rugs to your complete satisfaction.

Generally, the cost of cleaning depends on how large or small of an area rug will be dealt with.  We will always confirm pricing with you prior to starting work.  Feel free to give us a call for a no-obligation, ballpark price quote.  To become more familiar with our area rug cleaning process, check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

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