Carpet Cleaning for Business

When it comes to office cleaning, have you and your employees experienced less than what was hoped for?

JoeCleans offers professional carpet cleaning services for businesses who are looking to maintain a polished and professional look. How do we go about cleaning your carpets? That’s a great question. It depends! We use different methods for different situations. Each client gets their own customized clean based on their office carpets’ needs.

Printer toner on light carpet - no problem!

Printer toner on light carpet - no problem!

When we arrive at your office, we will ask you to show us the carpets and rugs you are considering having cleaned, and to inform us of any special concerns you may have. The JoeCleans team will use this information to determine the treatment regimen that will not only give your carpet the deepest and most effective clean, but will extend its life, too. Most often we can give you a ballpark price on the phone or online as most cleaning methods for carpets cost about the same. We will tell you what to expect for results and confirm the price prior to starting any work.

Many cleaning companies try to explain how their cleaning 0207141719process is unique and best for all of your carpets – as if one size fits all! There are some amazing aspects in the cleaning business, yet most of it isn’t rocket science.

All methods typically use similar steps which can include: pre-vacuuming, pre-conditioning, agitation, rinsing, re-visiting stubborn stains, grooming and drying. Claims of 10-, 12-, or even more-step processes are usually marketing bravado designed by splitting similar steps.

All systems are VLM (Very Low Moisture) compared to rental equipment, and in the hands of seasoned professionals. We use powerful truck-mounted equipment to gently clean most carpets. Carpets will dry within three hours under most conditions.

Prior to leaving, we will make our best efforts to carefully move and return any furnishings where they belong. When we leave, your carpets are fresh and new and you, your employees, and clients can feel refreshed. It comes full circle back to our people. We are the most trusted. We are the most dedicated, and we look forward to working for you soon and throughout the future.

How often should carpets be cleaned in the professional world?  We like to follow the twice yearly guideline to ensure that we stay ahead of the soil and don't allow carpets to get to the point that they need replacement.  While this  guideline holds true in most cases, some industries, such as child care, recommend professional cleanings monthly in infant rooms, and every three months in other areas, according to the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

To become more familiar with our carpet cleaning process, check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

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