How To Prepare a Home For the Winter Months

In New England, this time of year always seems to fly by.  As we spend as much time as we can outdoors basking in the crisp, sunny afternoons and appreciating the stunning fall foliage, we try to ignore what lies just weeks ahead - winter time.

Below, we've accumulated a list of the most important winter-prep tasks for you to follow when it is finally time to accept the fact that the days have significantly shortened and the temperatures have undoubtedly dropped.  Use this checklist to ensure that your home will be in its best shape heading into this winter season.

Winter Prep

    • Replace batteries in smoke detectors
    • Service HVAC/Change air filters
    • Check caulking/weather stripping on windows
    • Wash windows
    • Clean gutters
    • Inspect foundation for low-soil areas
    • Inspect roof for loose shingles
    • Inspect/clean chimney
    • Aerate, fertilize and seed lawn
    • Test snowblower, purchase ice melt
    • Prepare lawnmower and other gas-powered yard tools for storage by nearly filling their gas tanks

So, does that last one sound a bit off to you?  It turns out, times have changed from the days when homeowners were accustomed to preparing for the winter by emptying their lawn mower's gas tank.  Read more about WHY in the interesting post below from our friend James Kennedy at OnePull Lawnmower Shop.