How to Create a Preventative Building Maintenance Plan

The creation and implementation of a building maintenance plan, especially one that focuses on preventative maintenance, is one of the most important tasks in ensuring smooth operations of any public or commercial facility Below, you can find a snapshot of the major areas you should pay attention to when creating your building maintenance plan Adherence to the points listed below will reduce the need for emergency repair calls and surprise equipment failures.  In other words, everything should be running smoothly.

Roofing Maintenance Plan

  • Inspect roofing at least twice yearly, especially after any major storms.  It is good practice to have the twice yearly checkups after the major heating and cooling seasons.

  • Ensure all shingles remain attached

  • Check for any ponding or leaks in roofing material

  • Clear out gutter and drainage systems of leaves or other debris

Exterior Building Maintenance Plan

  • Be sure to have scheduled landscaping/exterior maintenance services for spring, summer, and fall months

  • Be sure to have scheduled snow and ice removal services for the winter months, for both parking areas and walkways

  • Parking areas and exterior walkways should remain well-maintained and in good condition

  • Check for adequate outdoor lighting

  • Clean all windows from the outside at least twice yearly

Interior Building Maintenance Plan

  • Make sure that all fire extinguishers are up-to-date and accessible

  • If the building has a sprinkler system, check sprinkler heads quarterly

  • Be sure that all emergency exits and backup emergency lights are working

  • Clean all windows from the inside at least twice yearly

Flooring Maintenance Plan

  • Ensure all surfaces are completely sealed

  • Schedule carpet cleaning at least once or twice yearly

  • Schedule the stripping and waxing of all VCT at least once or twice yearly

  • Keep "Wet Floor" signs in the vicinity

Electrical Maintenance Plan

  • Test alarm systems

  • Check all electrical panels on the interior and exterior of the building.  Be sure that they pass all safety codes, wires are well-secured, and circuits labeled.

  • Make sure there are no exposed wires

HVAC Maintenance Plan

  • Inspect all systems monthly

  • Schedule seasonal tune-ups

  • Clear vents of dust or any other debris

  • Inspect regularly for energy efficiency

Plumbing Maintenance Plan

  • Thorough inspection annually

  • Monthly check of sump and sewage pumps

  • Investigate any leaks or noises coming from plumbing system

  • Ensure public restrooms maintain cleanliness. Recommended daily or weekly cleaning, depending on their use

Lighting Maintenance Plan

  • For smaller facilities, replace lights as they go out.  For larger facilities, plan on creating a "group re-lamping" schedule based on light bulb life and usage.

  • Dust lamps and lights regularly to ensure peak lighting performance

  • Finally, maintain a backup inventory of light bulbs and other lighting mechanisms so that when lights to burn out, they can be replaced.

As you can see, quite a lot of thought goes into creating an all-encompassing building maintenance plan that guarantees your facility will always be running smooth If you have interest in creating a solid plan, but don't know where to begin, give us a call at 877-HIRE-JOE and we'd love to help you get started, even if you don't proceed with JoeCleans to implement your plan (although we are sure that you will).