How to Protect Hardwood Floor During the Winter

It's no secret that a hardwood floor in a home is an attractive option when it comes to floor covering.  Aesthetically pleasing and durable, it's more common than not to see homes with hardwood floors.  Although very popular, many people aren't aware of the proper practices and insider tips to ensure that their beautiful hardwood floors don't take a beating during the brutal winter months.  Keep reading below to learn our best tips for keeping your hardwood in mint condition.

Hardwood Floor Protection tip #1: Take off your shoes

You should always be taking your shoes off before entering your home regardless of the season.  It always preserves the cleanliness of your home by keeping out bacteria from the outside world.  It always protects your flooring by preventing abrasions from shoe soles.  However, in the winter time, it is twice as important.  In the wintertime, it's almost impossible to avoid tracking in mud, dirt, snow, and salt when you wear your shoes indoors.  Do yourself a favor and be diligent about keeping your shoes and their outdoor contaminants outdoors.

Hardwood Floor Protection tip #2: Mat near the door

If you don't have a mudroom, and don't want to keep your shoes outside or in your garage, invest in a durable, waterproof mat, such as this one, to lay near your entrance.  This will make a wold of difference in your home.  Ensure all family members comply with this practice, and don't be shy about asking your guests to remove their shoes as well

Hardwood Floor Protection tip #3: Wipe pet's paws

After your family members and guests do their part in helping protect the home's floors, next is your pets.  This step can be a bit more challenging as it isn't as easy to ask your pets to kindly wipe their paws dry before taking off inside.  If possible, try to control your dog's entrance into the home during the snowy months to ensure that you have a moment to quickly dry off their paws.  Keep a rag or two in a nearby closet or storage for quick access.

Hardwood Floor Protection tip #4:  Monitor Heat and Humidity

We're all familiar with static cling on your hair, clothes, and pretty much everything else during the winter time.  Fireplaces, space heaters, and general low humidity during this time of year can quickly dry out floors and lead to warped or cracked boards.  By not cranking your heat up TOO high, and by running a humidifier in your home, your floors should stay in much better condition.  You will most likely be more comfortable with a bit of moisture in the air, too!  On the same note, while warping and cracking is an issue, don't pay too much mind to spaces between the floorboards.  This is common, and as the seasons change you should find these spaces will appear or disappear, too.

By following these guidelines, your floors should still be in great shape come the springtime.  However, if you feel your hardwood floors need a great clean once the seasons change, feel free to give us a call.  As long as your floors are sealed in all places, we can clean your hardwood floors and restore their original shine.