Real Estate Agents: Carpet Cleaners Can Be Your Best Ally

In today's market, it can be more than difficult for real estate agents to make a sale. For that reason, real estate agents need to be sure that their homes are in the best condition possible when showing them. It's often common for agents to spruce up a home's curb appeal or set up some attractive staging.  However, all of this work can go to waste in seconds when a prospective home-buyer is turned off by the home's upkeep.

Below are a few ways a carpet cleaning company can help you spruce up a home a real estate agent is trying to sell:

Traffic marks.

Life happens. That's why the carpets in family homes, often those with children, can accumulate dark traffic areas. Fortunately, these types of cleans are no-brainers for professional carpet cleaning companies. Homeowners often become blind to the traffic areas in their homes.  Politely pointing out that a great connection of yours can quickly get the job done will be a major win for everyone. The homeowner will be very grateful that they have a considerate agent with their best interest in mind. The agent will be one step closer to getting the sale.

Pet stains and odors

We all love our pets, regardless of the fact that they may leave our homes with a vague, musty odor. Professional carpet cleaning companies often have specialized cleaning detergents to tackle both pet stains and odors. Every home has a unique "smell" that outsiders immediately notice before entering a home. The last thing a real estate agent wants is their prospective buyer to be turned off by the home as soon as they enter and their nose wrinkles from a funky smell. The same goes for pet stains.  Unsightly stains on carpets can leave prospective buyers uneasy about the sale.  However, both of these issues can be easily fixed with a visit from your local carpet cleaner.

Tile & grout

In the case of soiled grout lines, it often becomes difficult to recognize the original grout color save from far corners of the floors. Believe it or not, some white grout lines end up black and no one bats an eye.  That is, until they come to the realization of "that's not supposed to look like that....". Soiled grout lines are a daunting task as the common solution for a homeowner is often a Saturday afternoon spent on their hands and knees scrubbing with a toothbrush. Agents don't have to let this image get into their prospective buyers' heads.  Carpet cleaners often offer tile & grout cleaning services that produce results that are second to none.

Creating a strong relationship with a carpet cleaning company can give you a leg-up on your competition. This relationship can give you quick, last-minute, and often after-hour cleanings that may end up making your deal. In addition, if your relationship becomes strong enough to where you are exclusively referring each other to your networks, you may be able to get a new sale or two out of the relationship as well.

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