The Truth about Winter Carpet Cleaning

History tells us wintertime is the "slow season" in the carpet cleaning industry.  As soon as temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, homeowner's minds are elsewhere.  Their focus shifts to scheduling snow removal, purchasing ice melt, and staying warm.

Winter months don't have to mean that homeowners will be better off postponing their carpet cleaning until next season.  Below, check out a handful of our explanations about why you should schedule your carpet cleaning over this winter.

Winter Carpet Cleaning Mythbusters

The Winter Hiatus

Let's begin by clearing up a couple of myths.  First, many believe carpet cleaning companies throughout New England must take a temporary hiatus during the winter months.  They assume that once the temps dip below freezing, frozen hoses prevent them from completing their jobs.  The truth is quite the contrary.  All truck-mounted cleaning systems are well-heated.  Also, their hoses are well-insulated.   These safeguards ensure that cold temperatures won't hinder a job well done.

Frigid Drafts

Another common misconception is that wide-open doors, to allow hoses to enter the house, will let in the winter chill during a carpet cleaning session.  The truth of the matter is, your door will only be open up to a few inches, at most.  We also fit your doorway with insulated blankets to keep the heat in and the cold gusts out.  Homes should be expected to suffer very little heat loss while carpets are being cleaned by a responsible company.

Mess-prone season

Also, people often assume it's inevitable that mud and salt will be tracked into the home during the winter months.  Thus, making it entirely pointless to spend time and money on carpet cleaning that time of year.  There's a quick fix to this general write-off.  A simple household rule of taking outdoor shoes off in the garage, mudroom, or just inside the doorway should preserve carpet's cleanliness.  In fact, adopting a rule such as this year-round can help improve the general condition of your carpets.


Benefits of Winter Carpet Cleaning

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Now - let's get on to how you can most enjoy a winter carpet cleaning session in your home.  First, if it's easy to notice soiled areas on your carpets, DO NOT feel like you have to wait until the springtime to have them cleaned in order to benefit from the situation.  By allowing your investment to remain soiled for an extra 4-5 months, you are only causing more damage.  As the particulates are repeatedly ground into your carpet fibers, you will erase years off the carpet's life.  Don't wait!

Quick Dry Times

Another benefit of winter carpet cleaning is the shortened drying time.  On average, it takes anywhere from 4-6 hours for your carpets to dry in a natural setting with no fans and average humidity.  The lower humidity levels allow for much quicker drying times during the winter season.  It's completely harmless to walk on your carpets immediately after cleaning, but many find a greater advantage to quicker drying times.

Preservation of cleanliness

Contrary to popular belief, homes are cleaner during the winter months as opposed to the warmer seasons. Once the warm weather rolls around, we find our windows and screen doors open far more often.  With this, we let in pollutants, pollen, and other allergens into our homes.  During the winter, we lock up our doors and windows tight.  As a result, the cleanliness you will achieve after a thorough carpet cleaning will last you well into the spring and summertime. Just be sure you are diligent with removing shoes in a garage, mudroom, or just inside the doorway.

Nesting Season

Last but not least, have you noticed that we rarely see the insides of our homes during the summer months?  People spend the most time inside their home during the winter.  In that case, why not enjoy a cozy, CLEAN home?    There's no major sense in postponing a needed cleaning to a busier time of year when you won't even get to enjoy it.  Go ahead, cozy up near the fireplace this winter in a clean and refreshing home.